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The Place Family

Hi friends! Welcome to the very first blog post from Kara Hodgson Photography (EEEEK!). I am SO excited to document some of the amazing experiences I’ve had with my clients and I hope you can learn a little bit about me along the way. First up is the Place Family!!

I’ve officially known Matt and Jenny for TEN years and it still seems like such a dream that I had the opportunity to take pictures of them, their beautiful little girl Ellie, and handsome pup Bunker! Jenny and I were pretty much either roommates or neighbors for all four years at Bates College and if you told me ten years ago we’d be having our first babies around the same time, no way I would've believed you!

The four of us (plus Bunk!) got to spend an afternoon on Ferry Beach, catching up, and melting at all of Ellie’s little expressions. They were such a fun group to photograph and the joy that they bring to any room is so, so obvious from these photos. With COVID-19, I’ve been missing snuggles with Ellie ever since she was born this past summer, so you bet I was soaking allllll of this time up with one of my best friends, her amazing husband, and their sweet baby girl.

I could genuinely go on and on about the Place fam but I’ll hold off for now and let you take in all of their beauty!



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