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The Rea Family

Happy APRIL!

I couldn't be more excited to be hopping on the blog tonight and sharing a little bit about one sweet, sweet family that I've been so lucky to meet this past year! Meet the Rea family - Kevin, Samantha, and little Morgan. I met them all just a few days after Morgan was born and got to spend some time in their beautiful home and nursery capturing these sweet moments.

Having a newborn can be such a challenge and completely unpredictable, but Kevin + Samantha were so amazing to watch while they loved on their brand new baby girl. Just a few short months later, I was able to see them again when we took family photos and I could not believe how big Morgan had already gotten! This whole family is so relaxed and goes with the flow of what's working in the moment when I'm with them - I couldn't be any luckier to have clients like these three!

I can't wait for the beginning of May when I get to celebrate Morgan a few weeks early by taking her one year photos and am so grateful for people like this who trust me time and time again. ENJOY all the sweetness from this shoot and don't blame me for any baby fever that comes with it ;)



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